Paying a parking citation online is made easy through this webpage by clicking Search Citations below.

To continue to provide our customers the ability to make electronic payments, the City of Columbia has partnered with South Carolina Interactive, a third party working with the City to bring you these expanded methods of payments. The total price which will be charged to you for your payment includes funds used to develop, maintain, enhance and expand the electronic payment service they are offering. The total amount will be shown on the payment site you will be directed to later in this process. If you do not wish to use their services, you can pay the City directly by other traditional methods like cash or check.

City of Columbia Parking Citations may also be paid in person at 1136 Washington Street at the Payment Center, or at 820 Washington Street at the Parking Services Department’s Customer Center. Those receiving citations also may mail in a payment in the envelope provided with the citation.

Payments are considered late if not received within 30 days of issuance. The first late fee adds $10 to the face value of the citation. A second late fee is added if the citation remains unpaid 30 days after the first late fee is applied. In this case, the total amount due, including late fees, is doubled.

If you have a question about a citation you received, please email